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Songthrush Egg Still Life Block

Oil on Gilded Pine Block

Float mounted and framed in clear acrylic box frame

23.5cm x 18.5cm x 8.7cm

These small gilded blocks explore symbolic meaning and composition. Still Life painting from the Dutch Golden Age sparked my interest in buried meanings and two decades of historical commission work has inspired and honed my technique. My intention was to build an ever changing still life composition of beautiful objects that could be “read”, and handled rather like children’s building blocks.

The making of each block takes time and care. The process harks back to the devotional works of mediaeval times that I have always loved: Sanding and buffing the hand cut pine, layering the gesso, the precious metal leaf and the oil glazes, as I explore each chosen object, is a slow and contemplative process.

Solid and tactile, the blocks are small in scale but large in presence and I have been delighted by the response to these miniature works of art.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries about blocks in the pictured display case (eg feathers, moths, glass..) which have no additional promotional detail.


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