Bridget Bailey featured in Insect Odyssey Exhibition at Salisbury Museum

25 June to 25 September 2022
Taxonomy of Making is Bridget’s installation created for Insect Odyssey. An exhibition showing creative interpretations of insects by 27 artists curated for Salisbury Museum by Dr Elisabeth Darby and Prudence Maltby.

Taxonomy of Making sets out the elements of Bridget’s making process with the respect given to scientific specimens. There are many parallels between the evolution of making with the way nature evolves.

Making methods have their own taxonomy, creating odd relationships between a wasp and a worm, and techniques that jump species, from bee’s bottoms to wild strawberries.

Experiments are important – the flea’s leg joints that got too complicated, the tick’s mandibles that looked too cosy. They can be a breakthrough or show what’s missing and they’re the ancestors of the finished works.


25 June to 25 September 2022


Location: Salisbury Museum