Clockwork Studios was established by Noel and Margy Perkins in 1985 with the art community in mind. The building accommodates a range of independent artists and its doors open to the public for appointments, workshops and biannual open days

At the turn of the 20th century ‘The Fun Factory’ as it was then known, was home to Fred Karno’s music hall performers and associated business. Two of his most notable performers, Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel, passed through these doors.

This year, The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America has fixed a commemorative blue plaque to honour the comedy impresario Fred Karno and the former ‘Fun Factory’.

The Clockwork Studios – A Film by Conor Masterson

 Conor Masterson’s film, The Clockwork Studios, which was recently shown at The Ritzy Local Shorts, speaks to Noel and some of the artists here to find out what makes Clockwork unique.” The studio is infused with Noel’s character and worldview and it... read more